I am new to developing and designing a game using JavaScript. In this project series named JavaScript Game, I will share games I develop from basic to advanced, programmed in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, and PHP.

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JavaScript Game: Obstacle Avoidance with Cars

This particular game is an iteration of a well-known and over-played Android game genre - obstacle avoidance with cars - on browsers in JavaScript.

JavaScript Game: Rudimentary Platform with Mario

This particular game is a rudimentary platform game that only includes the basic mechanics of its genre without any complex and perplexing graphics and animations.

JavaScript Game: Space Invaders with Millennium Falcon

This particular game is an iteration of the splendid Space Invaders, but surreptitiously including the most-acknowledged spaceship in the Universe - Millennium Falcon.

JavaScript Game: Snake with ScoreBoard

This particular game is an iteration of the well-known Snake in JavaScript, including a scoreboard and ranks up to five high scores if you are a subscriber of TheAmplituhedron.

JavaScript Game: Escaping Box

This particular game is my first game and entry in the JavaScript Game series. You need to escape every moving obstacle while moving the box to survive in this game.