Hi, I am Kutluhan Aktar and TheAmplituhedron.com is my personal website. I programmed this website in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and AJAX to share my ideas and knowledge under three main section(Projects, Tools, Articles). Also, if you are a subscriber, you can use the available systems in full version by Dashboard.



On Projects, I post different kinds of projects I create and system guides which teach you how to use TheAmplituhedron.com.



When I create a new tool using MATLAB, C++, PHP or different languages to make easy in calculating something like physics formulas or graphics pixels contrast, I share it on Tools.



Articles that belongs to me about scientific topics and opinions are posted on Articles.

*CSS classes programmed to create TheAmplituhedron.com are reachable for educational purposes by choosing Inspect Element.



- Change Articles color by clicking Paperback button.
- Double click for original mode.
+ Articles -> Article Page -> Paperback

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Only Subscribers

Cloud System
- Communicate with your devices making HTTP Requests through TheAmplituhedron.com by using your specialized key(Hedron).
+ Dashboard -> Available Systems -> Cloud System -> Guide -> Go to the cloud page

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- Save your favorite content on TheAmplituhedron.com to Selection for creating your own reading list.
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