Mobile Weather Station Being Powered by Solar Energy

Get the weather information through an Android app constantly and use the solar energy generating by the PV panel to charge devices.


How to use the cloud system of TheAmplituhedron to improve IoT projects?

Bring your ideas to life without considering that how to program a server to create a host for web communication using TheAmplituhedron.com.


Create a People Counter controlled by an Android app

Make a people counter that detects the number of people who enter the room using lasers and LDRs and control it with an Android app.


The Magnetic Field and RGB Tester

Observe the magnetic field integrity and polarity in the air with the 3144E Hall effect sensor. Also, adjust the RGB LED colors easily.


How to create a website communicating Arduino by using PHP

Create a professional website communicating Arduino Ethernet Shield by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP through your Localhost.