How do octopuses adapt to the special circumstances of captivity?

In that regard, as regards their evolutionary state, octopuses adapt to the special circumstances of captivity because of their impeccable object recognition ability making them smart.


Is ∞+1 equal to 1+∞ in terms of addition?

We, therefore, need a specific notion of the size of an infinite set, and the mathematical word for this is cardinality, defined by Georg Cantor...


How does the Standard Model of particle physics work at the LHC energies?

After the collision, the enormous amount of data generated by ATLAS and CMS is scrutinized by computers for the remnants of the fundamental particles...


How would augmentation change our perception of the human body?

The new version of the human body can be either the technologically augmented body or the superior external body, although there may be no real body to perceive...


How does sleep-deprivation make us unproductive by altering our brainstem?

There are two stages of sleep-NREM and REM-altering the brainstem to stimulate the formation of neurotransmitters triggering stress-control process...